Professional and Personal Online Reputation Management

Personal Online Reputation Management
Personal Online Reputation Management

The internet has always been viewed as a means of communicating with people.  This has never been truer than it is now, particularly with the advent of community sharing websites.  This proliferation of an internet public lifestyle has resulted in many people being mentioned in online stories, shared photo albums and other media sharing websites.  More often than not, it is a person’s representation on these casual media services which a first impression of us.

In many cases people are beginning to seek out services such as those found at in order to monitor, maintain and, when needed, improve their own online reputation.  In many cases, people find their own personal lives can be improved by simply taking the time to improve their online image and reputation.

Professional Benefits of Reputation Management

The professional benefits of Reputation Management can be staggering.  Many service oriented careers are built upon reputation.  From real estate agents to professional consultants, reputations can take years to build in the professional arena.  It can be devastating when a person’s personal life begins to negatively impact their professional standing.   This can happen more easily than you may think.

Even a single embarrassing photograph can tarnish a career.  Beyond that, how you present yourself online even through comments and posts can give people the wrong impression about you on a professional basis.  Too often, people forget how public the internet is and don’t realize that casual off the cuff remarks stick around forever, with your name attached to them.

Personal Benefits of Reputation Management

Personal relationships are often formed online before they are developed on a more personal basis.  It’s not uncommon for friends to meet initially online; indeed, it’s becoming more and more common for future spouses to meet online.  When developed online, personal relationships can often develop a lot more quickly, due in part to how easy it is for others to find out personal information about us.  New friends can browse through photos and posts you’re mentioned in, or which can be found through simple internet searches.  Internet research plays a large role in the overall impression one person develops for another.

No matter if you’re looking at the personal or professional side of your life, when it comes right down to it, your reputation will definitely impact it.   This is especially true with something as ubiquitous and easily searchable as the Internet.

More importantly, things can be found online from years ago which you may have completely forgotten about.  This could mean an embarrassing photo from years ago can easily be found and impact your life, professionally and personally in the present.

Professional reputation management services can help people to first get a clear picture of their online reputation and then take the steps needed to improve it when needed.  An online reputation is just like a real life one in that respect.  They may be able to get messed up a little, but can always be repaired with the right help.

Kelly McCloskey is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about a wide range of subjects.  She researches online privacy issues and reputation management for business users.

Professional and Personal Online Reputation Management