Save Money When Living Alone!

Living alone can be costly, but sometimes we have to do it. If you live alone and want to save money, you’ve got to check out the tips below:

Living Alone

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Don’t Buy A House

Your money saving mission starts when you’re looking for a place to live. If you’re living on your own, you don’t need to buy a house. There’s no practical need for you to live in a big house all on your own. It’s very expensive, and will be a waste. Instead, think about buying something smaller that will suit your needs a lot better. If you can find a 1 bedroom apartment for rent, then you’re on to a winner! You only need 1 bedroom because there’s only one person living in the apartment. The fewer bedrooms, the cheaper the rent will be. Also, renting is a better way for you to save money. Instead of getting a mortgage loan and paying a huge amount of money all at once, you pay a small bit of money every month. You won’t end up in debt, and it’s easier on your finances.

Reduce Water Use

A great way to save money when living alone is to reduce your water use. Don’t leave the taps on when you’re brushing your teeth and be efficient when you wash. You shouldn’t take baths; they’re a great way for you to waste a lot of water. It can take ages to run a bath, and that means having to tap running for a long time. Instead, take clever, quick, showers. It can take you as little as five minutes to wash completely. You don’t need to stand in the shower singing or taking an age, it’s unnecessary and uses up loads of water. Cutting down on your water use will help you trim down the costs of your water bill.


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Be Clever With Your Entertainment Subscriptions

Entertainment can end up being one of the most costliest things in the home. People will pay lots of money for a satellite TV service. This is fine when you live with other people because they can all chip in to cover the costs. Or, if you’re living with family, you know everyone will watch all the channels. But, if you’re on your own, do you really need hundreds of TV channels? Perhaps you’re better off sticking to the free channels you get. Or, buy a satellite TV package that only includes the channels you know you’ll watch. There are plenty of subscription services online that stream movies and TV for very little monthly payment. This can be a much more cost-effective entertainment method than satellite TV. In this day and age, you can be really clever with your entertainment subscriptions. There are ways for you to make sure you only get the things you want. So, you don’t end up having to pay lots of money to get 100 TV channels and only watch 10. Save money on your entertainment and you’ll save money in the home.


These are just three simple tips to help you save money when living alone. I hope you’ve found it helpful, and that your wallet can breathe a little easier now!