A Strong Dollar: Is Parity With the Euro Achievable?

Trading and currency has always been big news. The global financial crisis of the last decade has left both the dollar and the euro vulnerable to risk. But, the future is looking more hopeful for the dollar and the euro. It is said that 2015 will bring parity to the two currencies. As such, this will leave investors in a profitable position by the end of the next quarter. By 2017, the dollar and the euro are going to be stronger than ever, according to recent studies of the economic forecast.

Economic Growth in the US

Economic growth is said to be well underway, according to how well the two currencies have performed in the last quarter. For the last decade, the dollar and the euro have not been performing well. The global economic crisis, and issues within the banking sector, has had serious effects on trading. Now, Forex trading is in an enviable position once again. The strong inclines of the dollar has caused the hike. What is more, a stronger euro is now in the fore. The competence of the housing market in Europe has ensured that positive growth has occurred.

Monetary Union: Encouraging Growth

The monetary union in Europe was a cause for concern for many economists. But, there have been some alterations to the way in which the euro has been dispersed. The Eurozone bank has a less than stringent control over the finances of Europe. As such, more people can enjoy a positive rate of interest on their currency within the region.

The monetary union is now in a strong position. As there is less regulation in the area, the euro is now achieving growth in a way that it has not been able to do so in the course of the last decade. The EU has lessened its grip on the currency in order to promote stronger growth in the region. Growth is needed due to the precarious state of most of the European economies. Greece, in particular, has been a large cause for concern due to the financial instability of the country. Germany, however, has always been in a strong position. The growth of Germany was completely unprecedented. Now, the EU wants to ensure that all of Europe enjoys the same prosperity as Germany. All of this is great news for the dollar.


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The Dollar Boost

Federal reserves are said to be in a good place at the moment. As such, the strength of the dollar has been commended by analysts. In the first quarter of 2015, the dollar was said to be performing at its highest for over a decade. While the euro is not in a strong position by any means, the strength of the dollar could ensure that more people are investing the euro to ensure further parity by 2015. Investors would be wise to make a move in the market now, to see profitable results by the beginning of 2017.

The strong future of the dollar, when compared to that of the euro, is encouraging news for the world’s economy.