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Credit Report – An Epic Saga

Credit Report – An Epic Saga


“It was a dark and stormy night.”
Outside, the wind howled and windows rattled with the vibration of thunder.
Janice sat in her living room on the plush, red velvet sofa, wrapped in a blanket to keep out the cold, the glow of a single half-melted candle as her only light source. Before her, spread out on the coffee table was a mound of white envelopes. Each one contained a varying assortment of financial documentation that she had somehow managed to neglect over a period of time. Past due credit card bills, bounced check statements, and overdue library fees were only a few examples that had resulted from her lack of responsibility.

Alone in the dark, Janice huddled into the soft folds of her fleece cover asking herself why she had neglected her financial duties for so long? Suddenly, the phone jangled loudly, rattling her already jumbled nerves.

“Hello?” Janice said brokenly as she warily picked up the earpiece.

“This message is for Janice Tucker.” “If you are not Janice Tucker please hang up now.” “This is an attempt to collect a debt-”


Janice screamed and slammed the phone down onto the receiver. Would the creditors ever leave her alone? Her credit report was already in turmoil as it was, and it seemed as though she would never get out of debt. Poor Janice, now there isn’t much chance that she will be able to buy that new car she’s always wanted.

Conducting A Credit Review:

The above story was a not-so-exaggerated example of how quickly we can ruin our credit score without even trying. Even something as menial as an overdue due library fine gets reported to your credit score. By law, you are endowed with the right to obtain a free copy of your credit score once a year, so there should be no excuse not to get a copy. And review it for any details missed.

Conducting your own review of your credit report isn’t only for correcting an individual’s financial faux pas, but clearing up any mistakes made by financial institutions and loan companies themselves.

Settling The Score:

Regardless of what major financial purchase you are trying to make, (house, boat, car, etc,)it is nearly impossible to do so without a reasonable credit score. Basically, anything below 600 is bad, while a score of 800 is like credit perfection, so be sure and get copy of your credit report and make whatever adjustments are necessary to bring that score up to an acceptable level.

Clearing Out The Credit Cobwebs:

A last piece of advice, if you are unsure about how or why a certain item on your credit report is still bogging you down, then go back and check past receipts, statements and returned check stubs to make sure that you are current on all of your debts. However, DO NOT call your bank and ask for them to run your credit report, as that will report to your score in the negative also.

Author’s Bio: Steven Garcia is a well known author and writes articles related to finance. For more information on the same visit the website Creditreport.org.

Credit Report – An Epic Saga


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