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Halloween sales

AEKK jewelry does take it a step further when it comes to Halloween sales though. Knowing that a lot of people would want to go really far with their costumes, AEKK steps it up a notch to offer a wide variety of rings and necklaces that would accentuate the mood of the season. Of course there are the classic skulls and pumpkins that are either attached to rings, or stand alone as pendants so that they can be hung on existing chains or coupled with one of the crafted ones that are also found on the AEKK website. No matter what you think you would need for your party, you would be able to find on one of the pages of AEKK.

You might find it strange that most of the trinkets that are displayed during Halloween sales are more on the sterling silver side. This may be due to the impression that silver is widely feared by the monsters and ghouls that roam the Halloween night. If you do take a look at what AEKK jewelry has to offer, you would find that they would also have a variety of choices, especially in the area of pumpkins, which also come in gold. Their wide selection of trinkets would not settle on skulls as well, since there are a lot of other shapes that could be associated to the season such as crosses and motorcycles, all available at AEKK jewelry.

No matter your personal taste you’ll find everything from earrings to necklaces, bracelets to pendants and even beads, charms and locks at AEKK and online at AEKK stands for Accessories Expert Keen to be King and since 1999 helps women glow and shine with amazing accessories made from precious metals, glass and semi-precious natural stones that play their parts in embellishing a women’s appearance and spirit as well.

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Professional and Personal Online Reputation Management

Personal Online Reputation Management

Personal Online Reputation Management

The internet has always been viewed as a means of communicating with people.  This has never been truer than it is now, particularly with the advent of community sharing websites.  This proliferation of an internet public lifestyle has resulted in many people being mentioned in online stories, shared photo albums and other media sharing websites.  More often than not, it is a person’s representation on these casual media services which a first impression of us.

In many cases people are beginning to seek out services such as those found at in order to monitor, maintain and, when needed, improve their own online reputation.  In many cases, people find their own personal lives can be improved by simply taking the time to improve their online image and reputation.

Professional Benefits of Reputation Management

The professional benefits of Reputation Management can be staggering.  Many service oriented careers are built upon reputation.  From real estate agents to professional consultants, reputations can take years to build in the professional arena.  It can be devastating when a person’s personal life begins to negatively impact their professional standing.   This can happen more easily than you may think.

Even a single embarrassing photograph can tarnish a career.  Beyond that, how you present yourself online even through comments and posts can give people the wrong impression about you on a professional basis.  Too often, people forget how public the internet is and don’t realize that casual off the cuff remarks stick around forever, with your name attached to them.

Personal Benefits of Reputation Management

Personal relationships are often formed online before they are developed on a more personal basis.  It’s not uncommon for friends to meet initially online; indeed, it’s becoming more and more common for future spouses to meet online.  When developed online, personal relationships can often develop a lot more quickly, due in part to how easy it is for others to find out personal information about us.  New friends can browse through photos and posts you’re mentioned in, or which can be found through simple internet searches.  Internet research plays a large role in the overall impression one person develops for another.

No matter if you’re looking at the personal or professional side of your life, when it comes right down to it, your reputation will definitely impact it.   This is especially true with something as ubiquitous and easily searchable as the Internet.

More importantly, things can be found online from years ago which you may have completely forgotten about.  This could mean an embarrassing photo from years ago can easily be found and impact your life, professionally and personally in the present.

Professional reputation management services can help people to first get a clear picture of their online reputation and then take the steps needed to improve it when needed.  An online reputation is just like a real life one in that respect.  They may be able to get messed up a little, but can always be repaired with the right help.

Kelly McCloskey is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about a wide range of subjects.  She researches online privacy issues and reputation management for business users.

Professional and Personal Online Reputation Management

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Protecting what’s important in difficult financial times

Which policy is right for me?

Which policy is right for me?

Most of us are feeling the pinch right now.

That’s why it’s all the more important to make sure you’re doing what you can to look after your family’s finances. Putting a small amount aside on a regular basis to protect your loved ones in an emergency may be well worth your while.

If you’re keen to keep your family’s finances in check, you might want to start saving for the future, not least if you’re worried about how your loved ones would cope should the worst happen.

Making sure that your life is properly insured is one of the best steps you can take to protect your family’s finances. Covering yourself or any other family member who provides a regular source of income means that you can ease the burden on your loved ones, taking care of funeral costs and regular payments such as bills, mortgage payments and debts.

Which policy is right for me?

Finding the right policy can be difficult.

Thankfully there is plenty of information about the various kinds of options available online including sites like As well as plenty of other useful advice, offer income protection which is a great option for many as it can help look after your family should you fall seriously ill or be made suddenly redundant.

Your age, profession, health, hobbies and income can affect your suitability and eligibility for the various types of cover on offer and so finding the right policy is important to ensure your loved ones are fully protected from financial hardship at this difficult time.

Depending on when it’s taken out, a life insurance policy will last for between 20 and 30 years. Once that period ends, it’s possible that the policyholder won’t have to pay a single penny in premium costs. However, in some cases, the lump sum paid out won’t be sufficient to offer your family adequate financial support.

Therefore, choosing your policy carefully and ensuring you have plenty of information about the different options available is key when searching for your perfect life insurance policy.

You need a clear understanding of your family’s financial needs and which policy can best meet them, whether it is a policy that could last for the whole of your life, one that helps pay off the remainder of your mortgage or perhaps a policy like life insurance from which pays out a lump sum to your dependents and heirs.

Whichever choice is right for you, protecting your loved ones can give you peace of mind in uncertain times with the knowledge that you can provide for your family, even after you’re gone.

Protecting what’s important in difficult financial times

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Expo Build China 2012 – Leading Building & Design Show in Asia

Expo Build China 2012 — Leading Building & Design Show in Asia

Expo Build China 2012 - Leading Building & Design Show in Asia

Expo Build China 2012 – Leading Building & Design Show in Asia

It is said that a civilization is known by its buildings. The journey from thatched roofed huts to Skyscrapers has been very long for mankind, and the journey hasn’t ended yet!

Expo build China is the only unique and comprehensive building show in China that exhibits premium and innovative buildings and has become a trend setter for the industry.  Expo build China collaborates the construction industry with other relevant industries such as Ceramics, Sanitary Ware, Hotelex etc in a humongous 200,000-sqm venue. Its main objective is to become a One Stop Solution Shop for the Building and Hospitality industries. With the strategic marketing excellence and global presence of UBM groups, Expo Build China hosts more than 100, 000 global visitors comprising industry professionals from various domains. Expo Build China presents extensive coverage featuring China’s International Building business. At the same time, it hosts an Interior Design Festival and other networking events.

April 9 – 12, 2012. Expo Build China was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center bringing together 418 exhibitors, showcasing pioneer products in the Buildings and Ceramics industry. With a record number of 42,588 visitors including 2392 overseas guests, the exhibition exceeded the expectations of many.

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of Expo build China was held on April 9, 2012 at Jumeirah Hotel alongside the 2012 Shanghai International Interior Design Festival.

The speakers at the ceremony mostly led emphasis on the importance of design and innovation in the China buildings industry and showcased the benefits of a cutting edge technology which acts as the backbone of the Industry. Also they encouraged the Chinese suppliers, entrepreneurs, designers and Architects to bring forth innovation and creative design to China’s blooming construction industry. They acknowledged the efforts of the architects and other individuals and urged them to continue their good work which is was recognized globally.


The list of exhibitors comprised of the biggest names in China’s building and construction industry, such as Guangzhou New GEP Decoration Material Co. Ltd and Beijing JInnuo Times Technology Development Co. Ltd. The exhibitors took part in the exhibition with great energy and anticipation and showcased their best and world class products.

Show Highlights

Sanghai, as a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network was feathered with the title of “City of Design”, a proud moment for China and its commercial development.
The Shanghai Interior Design festival was co-presented by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Shanghai Interior Decoration group.

It hosted about 31,897 viewers comprising designers, architects and hotel owners from all over the world. At the same time it invited some of the famous names from the International Design industry.

Featured product

Hotel Plus: International Hotel Engineering Technology and Design Showcase.

Supported by China Tourist Hotels Association, The International Hotel Management group, Starwood, Intercontinental Hotels Group(IHG), New Century, Kai Yuan Group and Italy Well-tech hotel design experts, they put up 6 ravishing sets of unique lifestyle and special hotel concepts of engineering and design display.

1000 sqms show area of innovative design, lifestyle, fashion and technology.

Expo build China 2012 is considered the world’s largest exhibition dedicated to state of art sustainable building products and interior design. After its grand success the organizers once again look forward to the year 2013.

If you are interested in Cordell Commercial Projects, then you have come to the right place!


Expo Build China 2012 — Leading Building & Design Show in Asia

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