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How to Know if Your Business is Safe

How to know if your business is safe

How to know if your business is safe

If you’re in the market for a paycheck advance loan and decide to hit up the internet to what lenders are out there, you will probably be surprised to see the volume of lenders you have to choose from. Figuring out which one to choose can be a bit of a process, but here are a few pointers that will help your narrow it down. The good news is that once you find a lender you are comfortable with, you can stick with them and avoid the whole selection process on the next round.

Narrowing it down

  • Look for lenders that have been around for a while. A business that has stood the test of time is almost always a good, reliable business. That means that its procedures follow the law, they treat their customers well, and they are up front about things like interest rates, and repayment dates. The best lenders will be listed with the BBB, and be licensed by the Division of Banks. Their website should also be easy to navigate. Make sure your read some testimonials before you actually apply.

  • Check out their online reviews. If a company has a slew of unhappy clients complaining about them, you probably won’t walk away very happy either. Of course, bear in mind that no business can please everyone all of the time. But you do want to find a company that has predominantly positive reviews.

  • Be leery, ever so leery, of lenders whose promises sound too good to be true. Sad to say, there are scammers out there who want to steal your money, or your identity. They often lure in customers by promising to lend huge amounts of money. Do not fall for it.

  • Make sure they list all their fees and procedures up front. A good lender, like Jrfinance.com, will state all their interest rate, repayment schedules and other important information in their contract. Their TERMS and CONDITIONS documents will clearly state what you are accepting by borrowing from them. Be sure to read the TERMS and CONDITIONS completely before signing any binding documents.

  • A good lender will not charge you anything up front. They will take their fee in the form of the interest you pay back. Lenders that make you pay a “processing fee,’ ‘debit fee,’ ‘contract fee,” or any other form of fee, are not operating the way they should be.

How to Know if Your Business is Safe

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